Police: Masked men rob pizza delivery driver

Sketches of armed robbers released

HOUSTON - Sketches of two men who robbed a pizza deliveryman at knifepoint were released Wednesday.

The Domino's delivery driver said he was dropping off an order at the Falls of Clear Lake Apartments along Nasa Parkway at around 11 p.m. on May 24. The apartment unit he was sent to, however, was vacant. Detectives said thieves called in a fake order to lure the victim to the apartment complex.

First, the driver said he tried to knock on the apartment door but no one answered. All of a sudden, he said, two men wearing masks jumped out of the bushes.

"They told me, 'If you move, I will kill you.' I said, 'Sir, take whatever you want,'" the driver said.

He said one of the men put a knife to the side of his throat while the other grabbed his wallet, cellphone, tips and the pizza he was carrying.

"I am scared, especially at night time when I see suspicious people," he said.

Despite being afraid for his life, he said he has no choice but to keep working.

"I am married, my wife -- she don't work," he said. "I have two kids and they're in school and I pay everything in my house."

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