Police: Man attacks 2 women

Victims assaulted while walking in morning

HOUSTON - A man attacked two women as they were walking in their neighborhood early Thursday morning, according to authorities.

It happened in front of the apartment complexes on Ashford Point Drive while it was still dark outside.

"I live here with my girlfriend, and my girlfriend's pregnant, so that's really concerning, you know?" said Adam Klingenberger.

The first attack happened just before 6:30 a.m. Police said a man came out of nowhere and threw the woman to the ground.

Police said he stole her purse and ran away as the woman was down on the sidewalk.

Investigators said the same man walked up and struck another woman an hour later. This time, he took a cell phone.

"It's really scary," said Katherine Martinez, who lives in the neighborhood.

Martinez said she was out walking her dogs around the same time the first woman was attacked. She said she's frightened to realize she too could've been a victim.

Most of the people who spoke with KPRC's Keith Garvin about the attack said they've seen periodic and minor crimes over the years in the area, but that the assaults Thursday morning were unusual.

"I think I should start carrying some pepper spray or something. And it's dark in the morning, too, and I never really thought about getting hurt or anything. But I'm going to be careful now," said Martinez.

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