Police: Limo driver rams car through home

Elderly resident rushed to hospital

HOUSTON - Investigators said a limo driver rammed his car through a home in the Galleria area, sending one person to the hospital.

The incident occurred around just before 10 am Friday in the 5700 block of Val Verde near Chimney Rock.

Witnesses said the 57-year-old driver had just washed his car across the street at a car wash, and somehow lost control as he was leaving.

Bill Lawerence, who works at the car wash, said he's never seen anything like this before.

"Clipped the UHaul van, clipped an employee's car, then came out this exit and flew over the ditch on Val Verde," said Lawrence.

Neighbors said it sounded like a "loud boom" when the car slammed into the home, leaving a gaping hole.

The car went through a bedroom, the kitchen and the living room door. the driver was shaken up, but not seriously hurt.

Officials said an elderly man sitting in the bedroom was hit by falling debris and rushed to the hospital. There is currently no word yet on his condition.

The driver of the limo was cited for failure to control speed. Police said they think he floored the accelerator, thinking it was the brake.

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