Police: Juvenile escapees burglarize Seabrook home

SEABROOK, Texas - A Seabrook neighborhood is on high alert after police said two juvenile escapees burglarized an area home.

Police said the two teens escaped from a youth village, part of the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department. Police said after a search for the teens they found them in a home loading up money, electronics and even changing out of their village jumpsuits into the homeowner's clothes.

"They were actually using the resident's computer to try to contact someone to come and get them," said Timothy Dohr with the Lakeview Police Department.

The homeowner, David Cullins, said he drove up to find his house in the 4000 block of Rolling Green Drive surrounded by police on Friday. The window to his bedroom had been pried open.

Investigators said similar escapes have happened in the past, including at least two others in the last year.

Janis Stark said she watched in horror as the escapees hid out in her yard.

"They were hiding in our planters. We had a lot of ferns," said Stark.

Local 2 contacted the juvenile center, but received no response. Collins and Stark said they want to see changes made before another escape.

"A nice 10- or 12-foot chain link fence around the facility would be nice," said Cullins.

Police said they plan to present the district attorney with charges against the two teens, including burglary and escape.

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