Police investigate string of garage burglaries on same west Houston street

HOUSTON - Police are investigating a string of burglaries that occurred on the same night on the same street.

Neighbors living on Cindywood Drive in west Houston woke up Monday morning to find three garages and one home had been burglarized overnight.

"I'm thankful I didn't wake up because I would've hated to have an altercation with the (burglars)," Elizabeth Manly said. "They came in and they got the keys and they left in my car."

Manly said she and her mother, who were asleep upstairs, never heard anyone prying open the front door.

"They were very quiet," Manly said.

Police were able to recover her car a few miles away but Manly said she still feels violated.

"It just lets you know that there is a chance you're not safe in your own home," Manly said. "It's just always been a really good neighborhood and lately there's been a rash of incidents."

According to police, three other homeowners had their garages broken into early Monday morning as well.  In those cases though, only small items and loose change was stolen from inside their vehicles.

"My husband came out and realized our doors were open," said one victim who preferred anonymity.  "The garage door was open and the doors to our cars were open.  The door was jimmied open so even that didn't stop them or deter them from getting in a closed garage."

Police said they have no suspects.

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