Police: Intruders tie up mother, daughter

Thieves ransacked woman's apartment, authorities say

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - Houston Police said violent home intruders Friday tied up a mother and daughter and ransacked their apartment.

It happened inside an apartment at the Marquis on Eldridge Parkway.

Police said the mom heard a knock and found three men were at the door pretending to be a maintenance crew. A police source said she opened the door and the men grabbed her by her hair and knocked her and her three-year-old daughter to the ground.

"Broke into an apartment, tied up an adult female and an adult child and threw a blanket over them and ransacked the apartment," said Sgt. Charles Nelson of the Houston Police Department said.

A source said the men came into the home yelling "Where's the money?" and "Where's the safe?"

According to the source, as the mother cried for help, one of the intruders said, "If you don't shut up, I will kill your kid."

A source said the intruders stole some jewelry and the woman's car and told her, "We'll be back."

Police are investigating whether someone in the apartment knew the intruders.

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