Police: Husband shoots wife in front of daughter

Wife dies at the hospital

SANTA FE, Texas - A man shot and killed his wife in front of her daughter in broad daylight, police said.

According to authorities, William Parker, 44, chased his estranged wife in a back yard in Santa Fe with a gun in his hand.

Jon Walgon is the family's neighbor and said he was inside his home when he heard the first shots.

"We run out here. A man chasing his woman and child around the pole and into the field," he said.

Walgon said other neighbors had gathered to see what was happening and to stop the suspect.

"He was chasing her. We were chasing him. He shot her in the back. She fell down. He was standing over, shooting. The gun jammed."

That's when Walgon said he and a neighbor tackled and jumped on top of Parker.

Police said Parker's wife was taken to the hospital where she underwent surgery, but died soon after.

Formal charges against the suspect were being processed, authorities said.

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