Police: Husband kills wife, then himself in Freeport

By Phil Archer - Reporter

FREEPORT, Texas - Investigators say a man shot and killed his wife, then himself in Freeport.

Freeport police are still investigating the shootings, but don't believe there's any mystery about what happened.

Moses and Lorena Cedillo were having marital problems. Now they're both dead and three little girls are orphans.

Police went to the Cedillo's home in Freeport at around 10:15 a.m. after a frantic call from Lorena Cedillo's sister-in-law. The two women had been talking on the phone, and what she heard frightened her.

"There was an argument between husband and wife at the residence. She heard a gunshot and the phone hung up," Lt. Raymond Garivey with the Freeport Police Department.

Police found the couple dead in their living room. Moses Cedillo apparently shot his wife, then himself. Friends say there were problems in the marriage. Lorena Cedillo had just returned from a trip to Mexico. Moses Cedillo told a friend over the weekend he feared she planned to leave him.

The couple's three small daughters were at school when it happened. The girls are aged five, eight and 10 years old.

"We have family members who picked them up and spending time with them right now. It's one of those things where obviously they are going to need some kind of counseling, and family attention. Several family members have arrived and are with them at this time," said Lt. Garivey.

Moses Cedillo worked part-time for an industrial tank cleaning company. The family says it is struggling now to care for those kids and pay their parents' funeral expenses.

Freeport police contacted the Brazoria County Women's Center which they say has agreed to cover some of those expenses.

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