Police find baby's body in trash can in Stafford home

HPD: Woman, 29, gave herself abortion

HOUSTON - Police found a baby's body in a trash bin at a Stafford home on Wednesday.

Houston police said a 29-year-old woman at Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital told a nurse she had a baby recently, but wrapped the baby up and threw the newborn in a trash container. Investigators said the woman hid the pregnancy and could not afford the baby, so she gave herself an abortion by taking pills. The woman was about 20 to 25 weeks pregnant.

The woman's sister took her to the hospital when she continued to lose blood.

"She told the doctor she had a baby, that she wrapped the baby in a bag and threw baby in the trash," Sgt James Racus said. "She basically stated that she took some pills and tried to force the baby out on her own. Apparently she was distraught that the father of child was not going to pay for the abortion ... she decided to do it on her own.

Officers began looking in Dumpsters at the La Casita apartment complex at 313 Sunnyside in northwest Houston shortly after 7 a.m. after the woman directed them there.

The apartment's maintenance worker, Oscar Orasco, helped with the search.

"I'm looking through Dumpsters, looking for a baby wrapped in a blanket," he said. "The apartment she lived in, it was empty. She moved out two or three days ago and the apartment's empty."

"She won't cooperate with us," said Duke Nguyen with the Houston Police Department. "Right now the information we are getting is all mixed up."

Police said the baby was not dumped at the apartment complex after all, and were not sure why the woman told them about that complex.

Investigators spoke with the woman's relatives in Stafford and searched their home in the 12300 block of Tambourine, where the baby's body was found.

Police said no charges have been filed yet. The investigation continues.

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