Police: Distracted driver causes crash

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - This Christmas Eve, a family will be spending their time in the hospital after their loved one was involved in a violent crash.

Jordan Fischer says her husband, Michael, was driving home from work last week when his car broke down on I-10 near Highway 6. As he waited for her to come and help him, a man who admitted to having his head down, slammed into Fischer's stranded car.

"The back of his car was just demolished. What was going through my head? My husband is dead. I freaked out," Jordan Fischer explained.

The HPD police report says the driver had his head down. The victim's mother in-law, Tracie Jones, says she's spoken with the driver at fault and said he was texting at the time of the crash.

After the crash, paramedics rushed 22-year-old Fischer to Memorial Hermann. He is severely injured. He has a broken arm, fractured skull and doctors say he has bleeding in the brain.

There is no word when the husband and new father will be released from the hospital. But his family is hoping by this happening, others may not text and drive. They do have a message for the man who caused the crash, however.

"Take a step back, look at what you have done to our family this Christmas. You admitted it; you said you were on the phone, look at what has happened because of it. Learn from it, please," said Tracy Jones, family member.

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