Police: Car chase, shooting leads to violent accident

Police searching for shooter who took off on foot

HOUSTON - A car chase in southwest Houston ended with several people in the hospital and a gunman on the run, said police.

Around 6 am Sunday, police said a maroon Chevy Suburban was driving down Chimney Rock near Beltway 8 when a silver Subaru Impreza started to give chase.

At some point, investigators said a passenger inside the Impreza pulled a gun and opened fire on the Suburban.

The driver of the Suburban took off, and the Impreza followed, investigators said.

Eventually, both vehicles lost control and crashed at the intersection of McHard Road and Chimney Rock, said police.

Witnesses to the crash rushed to help. Mike Martin said he tried his best to help the people inside the Suburban stay calm until help could arrive.

"I did talk to them, keep them calm," said Martin. "I asked them their name and let them know that the ambulance was on its way. The most important thing was to keep them calm."

Officials said three people inside the Suburban were taken to the hospital, one with life-threatening injuries. The driver of the Impreza was taken into custody, but police said the shooter took off on foot.

So far, there is no word on what caused the altercation. If you have any information, you're asked to give police a call.

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