Police: Beware of bogus Texans gear

Edward Laurence Williams charged with felony trademark counterfeiting

BAYTOWN, Texas - Baytown police said a man was taking advantage of Houston Texans fans by selling them fake jerseys of popular players.

Lt. Eric Freed of the Baytown Police Department said the counterfeit jerseys were poorly made and sold for $65, much less than the real deal.

The suspect, Edward Laurence Williams was charged with felony trademark counterfeiting.

In early December, Williams parked his truck at a Baytown business and put JJ Watt, Arian Foster, Andre Johnson and other jerseys on display to sell, investigators said.

Posing as a customer, an undercover officer asked Williams about the jerseys and whether they were cheap ones made in China, officials said. Police said Williams pointed out the so-called quality and double stitching, and he said they were authentic.

Freed said the undercover officer snapped photos of the jerseys and sent them to a private investigator employed by Nike, who is an expert at spotting counterfeit jerseys.

Baytown police then confronted Williams again and seized 41 suspected counterfeit jerseys valued at $2,600, police said.

Authentic jerseys sell anywhere from $100 to $175. Police urge anyone with questions about buying from a vendor on the street to look at the stitching and ask for a receipt.

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