Police: 2 armed men robbed man at gunpoint on street in Montrose area

HOUSTON - Police are looking for two armed robbers who held up a man at gunpoint in Houston's Montrose area.

Dominique McGhee told Local 2 the robbery happened around 10:30 Friday night near the intersection of Windsor and Missouri. McGhee said he had parked his car on Windsor and was planning to walk a few blocks to meet friends at a bar on Westheimer.

Shortly after stepping out of his vehicle, he said he noticed two men walking toward him. The men were both wearing sweat suits and walking on opposite sidewalks.

"I started walking a little faster and the next thing I know, the guy on one side starts to come from behind me and then run after me," said McGhee.

McGhee said one of the men pushed him down to the ground. When he looked up, both men were pointing guns at him.

"This guy tells me to give him my wallet, and the other guy tells me to give him my phone. I tell him, 'Hey, I have already given it to this guy.' I guess he didn't know that. I'm afraid. They have guns and I don't know what to do. I don't want to make them mad and I'm hoping they don't shoot me," said McGhee.

McGhee said the men eventually ran away, taking both his cellphone and wallet. While he said the two items and the wallet's contents can easily be replaced, he no longer feels safe. McGhee said he is sharing his experience in order to make others more cautious.

"If you don't have to go by yourself, don't be by yourself. If you don't have to walk by yourself, don't. If you can park closer, in the light or valet park, do that," said McGhee.

McGhee said he gave Houston police officers a description of the suspects. He said both men were armed with handguns.

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