Playground safety tips for summer

HOUSTON - Playgrounds offer children fresh air and exercise. However, experts say there are some things parents should look for when it comes to their child's safety.

"Playground safety comes down to the most important part, which is direct supervision," said Dr. Pratik Doshi from Memorial Hermann Texas Trauma Institute, Emergency Medicine.

Parents cannot protect their kids from everything, but keeping a watchful eye is a great way to help prevent injuries.

Also, check out the playground equipment. Swings should be made out of soft material, not wood or metal. All hardware on equipment must be secure.

Chiquita Murrell says she has a checklist when it comes to the safety of her 3-year-old.

"Loose nails, making sure the equipment is tight, make sure a swing or something is not off of a hinge," said Murrell.

Try to avoid playgrounds with hard surfaces like concrete.

"The newer parks that have been developed have better surfaces, so they have the foam surfacing," said Murrell.

As the temperatures in Houston heat up, so can the slides, swing sets, and monkey bars. Contact burns can occur within seconds, so its important to use good judgment.

Experts also say parents should make sure children do not wear clothes with drawstrings or chords. Necklaces can also get caught in equipment.

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