Pizza truck owner offers lifetime of free pizza for pizza tattoo

HOUSTON - A Houston food truck owner is offering a tasty deal for anyone who loves pizza and tattoos.

Anthony Calleo, the owner of Pi Pizza Truck, will give free pizza for life to anyone who gets a specially designed pizza tattoo this weekend.

Calleo said he came up with the idea last year as a way to celebrate the truck's first anniversary and thank the community for their support. Around 20 people took him up on the deal.

"I have a lot of tattoos and I've always loved tattoo culture. And pizza and tattoos in my head kind of go together," said Calleo.

Calleo brought the promotion back for his second anniversary.

Tattoo artist and Calleo's longtime friend, Gabriel Massey, designed several tattoos that people can choose from.

Last year's designs include several menu-inspired tattoos. Those designs, including the "Drunken Peach" and "Grizzly Hawaiian" are back this year in addition to a few new ones.

"This year, it's way more traditional stuff, just the kind of pizza motif with traditional iconography like the snarling panther and the reaper. It's typical tattoo stuff," said Massey.

Calleo said the promotion doesn't have a catch but there are a few rules. The tattoo has to be done by Massey on Friday or Saturday, Nov. 22-23 at Scorpion Studios on Westheimer. Prices start around $70 and the tattoos will be done on a first-come, first-served basis beginning each day at 10 a.m.

Where you put the tattoo is totally up to you.

"Wherever it is, you've got to be okay showing it to me at the window. I don't really care where you put it but you have to be okay with showing me in public. That's on you, not on me," said Calleo.

Calleo said about one or two tattooed customers currently redeem the free pizza offer a week.

"It never annoys me to see it come through on a ticket I read. If I get hit by space debris tomorrow and this truck explodes, they still have a Pi Pizza Truck tattoo on them for another 40 years in theory. And that's winning," said Calleo.

You can normally find Pi Pizza Truck Thursday through Sunday evenings in front of Catbirds Bar on Westheimer.

Calleo said he plans to open a brick and mortar location in the future, where he will continue to honor the tattoo promotion.

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