Pit bull mix bites 6-year-old student, teacher at Boone Elementary

Stray dog bit boy playing outside in school's playground

HOUSTON - A 3-year-old pit bull mix was on the loose and bit a 6-year old boy and a kindergarten teacher at Boone Elementary in southwest Houston around 10:30 a.m. Thursday.

School officials said the boy was playing outside in the school's playground when the stray dog came up to him and bit him.

The teacher tried to break it up, but she was bitten even harder.

"The teacher was doing what a teacher should do," said Animal Control Officer Jacqueline Scott. "She was trying to help the child and she received serious injuries, right around the hand. She got lacerations and on the arm."

Animal control officers said several dogs are running loose in the neighborhood, causing a problem for this school which does not have a fence around campus.

Parents and students are worried.

"It's scary," said Alphonse Stout, a grandfather. "You have kids walking up and down. It's scary. Anything can happen."

The teacher and student are both doing okay. The dog will be quarantined for 10 days to make sure it doesn't have rabies.

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