Photos of teen girls' alleged rape posted on social media

By Mark Boyle - Reporter

HOUSTON - We're hearing from the families of two teenagers who say their daughters were sexually assaulted at a party. The families say nude pictures of the girls were then posted on social media.

Two teenage girls say it's one thing to be the alleged victims of a sexual assault, but another to have pictures and videos taken while you're passed out and then plastered across social media.

"She didn't know what happened to her until this piece of vermin began to put pictures and videos online showing this young woman being victimized and abused," said community activist Quanell X.

He says on June 1 two girls came over to a home on Chessington Drive in southwest Houston to hang out with two of their friends. The victims say they started drinking, blacked out and when they woke up they realized they had been raped.

The victims say over the next several days they found naked pictures, videos posted across different social media platforms.

Local 2 is not identifying either of the victims.

"I feel it's really sad, I'm hurt, just being here knowing that happened to me and for it to be all over the place, it really hurts," said one of the victims.

"This one particular address, this one particular house has been a haven for teenage pornographic material and nobody in law enforcement has done a damn thing about it to address this issue," Quanell X said.

Houston police say there have been no arrests so far in this case and the investigation is ongoing.

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