'Peter Pan' teaches Courtney Zavala how to fly

'Peter Pan' performances are at Hobby Center through Dec. 23

HOUSTON - The magical tale of "Peter Pan" is coming to life in downtown Houston with a renowned Tony Award nominee once again playing the leading role.

Cathy Rigby is starring in the show at the Hobby Center, which opened on Dec. 11 and will continue until Dec. 23.

Rigby is a former Olympic gymnast who has performed the part of Peter Pan on Broadway and is now here in Houston to entertain a crowd of all ages.

Rigby said playing Peter Pan in the magical world of Neverland allows her to become a child for two hours a night, letting the part of herself that's mischievous and spontaneous come out.

"It's just fun to fly. It's fun to swordfight," said Rigby.

Rigby may play the famed boy who can fly and never ages, but in real life, she's a 60-year-old grandmother.

This week, Local 2 Anchor Courtney Zavala got a lesson in flying directly from Rigby herself.

After being strapped in, Zavala was quickly hoisted high above the Hobby Center Stage dropping "fairy dust" as she floated back and forth.

Rigby warned Zavala that moving in the right direction would be tricky, and she was right. It took a bit of coaching, but Zavala quickly caught on. Still, no one flies as gracefully as Rigby herself.

Tickets start at $24. For more information, go to tuts.com.

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