Perry blames Obama for women's health care cuts

HOUSTON - Thousands of Texans have gotten a voicemail from Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) blaming President Barack Obama for cuts in federal funding providing health care for Texas women.

Democrats contend it's an attempt to shift blame in what they term the "Republican war on women."

In the recorded message, Perry said Obama is waging war on Texas values.

"This time they want to end the health program for 100,000 Texas women just because we have not funded abortion providers or their affiliates with your taxpayer money," Perry said.

The governor is speaking about the Women's Health Program. It provides cancer, diabetes and contraceptive screening for about 130,000 uninsured Texas women.

The federal government cut $35 million in funding that supports the Women's Health Program this week because the state insists its clinics are affiliated with abortion providers like Planned Parenthood, even though those clinics don't provide abortions.

"He's hurting women and trying to blame someone else for his own actions, and that is the most duplicitous thing that anyone can do," state Rep. Garnett Coleman (D-Houston) said.

The program will be phased out over the next three months.

Clinics affiliated with Planned Parenthood can continue to see women enrolled in the program until the end of April.

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