Peacocks wander in west Houston neighborhood

Vargo's Restaurant closed last year but the birds remain

HOUSTON - Concerns are at an all-time high for the safety and well-being of peacocks who call a former Houston landmark that's about to be torn to the ground home.

Crews started the demolition process of the former Vargo's Restaurant on Thursday. The restaurant closed last May, but since then, people in the area have worried about the 20 or so birds that were left behind.

"Mostly, it was that they'd been deserted, abandoned, and we didn't know what the plans were for them to be taken care of," said Janelle Peyton who lives nearby.

People even appealed to the SPCA and the Houston Zoo for help.

The Houston Zoo went out and did an assessment on the animals, but told Local 2 the company developing the property never asked them to capture the birds.

The superintendent said Thursday that the peacocks have been "adopted" by a woman who lives nearby.

"She feeds them every night," said James Bruner with Davis Brothers Construction. "They're well fed; they're well taken care of. They're not running away from us. They're not running away from anyone here."

Crews say it will take about 10 days to tear down the building and clear the land. Throughout it all, the peacocks will be keeping a watchful eye.

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