Pct. 4 responds after video surfaces of officer punching teen

By Robert Arnold - Investigative Reporter

HUMBLE, Texas - A Harris County Precinct 4 deputy constable has been cleared of any wrong \doing in his handling of the arrest of a teenaged girl. Questions about whether the deputy constable was too aggressive with teen arose after a video surfaced on social media and appeared to show the girl getting punched in the face.

"At no point did the deputy ever strike the juvenile in the face," said Precinct 4 Assistant Chief Henry "Wally" Wieghat.

Wieghat said the deputy's body camera and patrol car dashboard video show the the teen was only struck in the arms. The video posted to social media was taken from an angle and a distance that gave the appearance the deputy's blows were to the girl's face.

Wieghat said the deputy struck the teen in the arms because she was choking a fellow deputy nearly to the point of unconsciousness.

Wieghat said a female deputy was responding to reports of a fight when she first encountered the teen. Precinct 4 officials said the teen was "immediately aggressive" toward the deputy when she tried to question her about the fight.

"There was a shoving match and the deputy called for backup," said Wieghat.

Wieghat said by the time a second deputy arrived, the teen was on top of the female deputy, choking her. Precinct 4 officials said the second deputy used "pain compliance" on the girl's arms to get her to release her hold on the female deputy's neck.

Wieghat said the female deputy was also bitten on the hand. Weighat said the female deputy is still recovering from the bite and suffering from migraines from being choked.

The teen girl has been charged with assault on a peace officer.

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