Pasadena police recover $2.5 million worth of pot

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PASADENA - A Pasadena police task force recovered hundreds of marijuana plants in a large grow house bust.

Officials said on Wednesday, the Pasadena Police Department's Narcotics Task Force arrested two men for operating a hydroponic marijuana "grow house" in the Park Ridge Estates neighborhood.

According to police, the house had been converted into an illegal marijuana growing operation. This operation not only used the home's normal electric service through the meter, but it also used additional power through a hole drilled in the foundation allowing direct access to the main electrical service line.

Pasadena police said there was a large air conditioning unit installed inside the living room with duct work running to all of the "grow rooms," which consisted of a sophisticated system of automated watering, lighting, and air filtration systems.

Investigators said the task force seized about 700 marijuana plants and two pounds of "high-grade, consumer ready marijuana," worth a street value of more than $2.5 million.

Police said felony charges are pending against the two suspects who have not yet been identified.

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