Pasadena man planned to kill co-workers

Former Oxy Vinyls employee says he wanted to make victims inhale gas

PASADENA, Texas - A Houston area man who was demoted then fired from his job revealed to Local 2 Investigates he had a plan to kill some of his co-workers.

"I was prepared to take those individuals out," Michael Shepard said.

Shepard worked for 14 years at the Oxy Vinyls plant in Pasadena, Texas. He said on September 22, 2011 he went to the plant without a gun, but with a plan to hold three people hostage.

"No one would have ever guessed, my mom was shocked when I told her," he said.

Shepard said, if necessary, he was prepared to force the three employees to inhale Nitrogen gas.

"I was going to take those three individuals into an office, I was going to barricade myself in and I was going to spend a couple of hours with them and I was going to set some things straight," Shepard, 44, said.

A Pasadena police report confirms Shepard caused a commotion at Oxy Vinyls at 4403 Pasadena Freeway on September 22, 2011. Nobody was injured.

Shepard was not charged with a crime, instead, according to the police report, he was taken to Bay Shore Hospital where he voluntarily submitted to psychiatric evaluation.

The former plant worker said he was released four days later.

Shepard is now out the hospital, and out of work. He told Local 2 Investigates Joel Eisenbaum he remains on permanent disability but has not and does not plan in the future to take psychotropic medication prescribed to him by doctors.

"What I want people to know is I am no longer a danger to anyone," Shepard said.

Shepard appeared to have disdain for the recent events that transpired in Aurora.

"The difference is he only cares about himself, I care about others," Shepard said about suspect James Holmes.

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