Parked pickup truck catches fire

Ford recalled F-150 pickup trucks because of fire danger

PASADENA, Texas - Home surveillance cameras caught video of a parked pickup truck catching fire in a driveway.

Jorge Cruz said he got a call about the fire while he was running errands.

"We thought it was the house," he said. "We came over here really fast and when we got here we saw the firefighters. Turns out it wasn't the house – it was the truck."

That truck was a Ford F-150 pickup truck. Millions of those have been recalled because of a faulty cruise control disconnect switch that can start fires underneath the hoods of vehicles, even if they're not on.

Pasadena Fire Marshal David Brannon said that kind of fire can happen anywhere and put anyone in danger. He said they are preventable.

"I would strongly urge anybody who has a vehicle within that era to definitely call their dealer and get with their dealer to see if it meets the recall," Brannon said.

Cruz said that his brother, who owned the truck, never had the recalled part replaced.

Cruz said he was relieved that no one intentionally set the fire. He installed cameras outside his home after being targeted by thieves who stole from his garage.

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