Park trees cleared to improve condo view in the Heights

Residents in Woodland Heights are outraged that more than 100 trees were cut down

HOUSTON - A developer could be in trouble over trees and other bushes he's accused of clearing to improve the view of his new condo development.

The problem is that those trees were growing in a city park.

"They came in and stole this from us," said neighbor Pam Lowe. "They plundered it."

Residents in Woodland Heights are outraged that the new developers of the homes of Woodland Park would clear out three-quarters of an acre of public parkland, bulldozing and destroying more than 100 trees.

"They just moonscaped it for a better view," Lowe said.

"You've changed the way the water flows now and this is destruction of public property, and it's not right and it's going to affect my property," said resident Jim Mozur.

Local 2 spoke with the home builder.

"I'm very disappointed and sad and embarrassed that this took place on my watch," said Bill Workman.

He said he hired a private contractor who made a big mistake.

"I can tell you that we hired him to clear our land and that was his job and that was our intention," said Workman. "It was not our intention to have anything done outside of our property lines or within the public park," Workman said.

The city's legal team and flood management crews were at the site Wednesday, assessing the situation. Workman says he will fully cooperate with the city and flood management.

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