Parents voice concerns about sex ed program

HOUSTON - Parents, passionate about the introduction of the new sex-ed curriculum, spoke up at Monday night's Cy-Fair ISD board meeting.

Many of them expressed concerns about the content and whether it's appropriate for 12 and 13-year-olds. It includes videos and discussion about condoms, dating and relationships.

"There's role playing, where they call your kids up in science class and have your student come on to the other student, and the science teacher walks the student through the moral implications of how far is too far," said Linda Gallier, a mother who does not support the program. "It just over steps some boundaries, and claims to support a decrease in sexual activity, but actually it promotes the 'how to.'"

But district officials said this curriculum was chosen because it's proven to work, and right now in the district, pregnancy rates are on the rise.

They also told parents if they aren't comfortable with the content, their children do not have to participate.

"It's your decision parents," said Linda Macias, Associate Superintendent. "You make the decision to opt in all of the program, part of the program or just sections of the program."

Monday's board meeting was for discussion only. The program is set to start in the schools on October 24.

Cy-Fair ISD said the same curriculum is used in the Houston and Alief independent school districts.

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