Parent has concerns about sex offender living near bus route

Mom claims new route puts child near home of registered sex offender

HOUSTON - A Katy mom claims changes to her daughter's school bus route in the fall place her child in danger by placing her near the home of a registered sex offender.

"Unfortunately, there are evil people out there that do evil things. Unthinkable things," the mother said.

According to the mother, she checked the Katy Independent School District's website and discovered her daughter's bus stop was one of 52 being eliminated under the district's new transportation plan.

According to the mother, the closest bus stop to their home places her daughter near the home of a registered sex offender.

"That angers me because I feel like children will be paraded in front of a convicted felon," the mother said.

The district's transportation department confirmed the proposed new bus stop, but the district's representative said the transportation department has been giving out incorrect information.

"The Katy ISD transportation department is currently working on setting the bus stops for the upcoming school year and will make them public in August," a statement from the representative read.

"It needs to be a big deal, and it's not being handled as one," the mother said.

Katy police and city officials said the city does not have an ordinance in place to prevent registered sex offenders from living near schools.

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