Paramedics who transported baby boy abandoned near dumpster speak out

'Baby Aiden' released from hospital after found near dumpster on June 29

By Keith Garvin - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - The paramedics who transported an abandoned newborn to the hospital five and a half weeks ago are speaking out about the emotional experience.

The child, named "Baby Aiden" by CPS workers, was shown publicly for the first time Wednesday after being released from Texas Children's Hospital.

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EMS Captain William Dement was part of the crew that responded from Station 1 of the Southeast Fire and Rescue Volunteer Fire Department. The man who found the infant had taken the newborn to his apartment and called 911.

"We found him in the bedroom and dried him off a little bit," recalled Dement. "Umbilical cord and everything was still attached."

There was then the critical ride to the hospital. Rather than strap the baby to a stretcher -- which is often procedure -- Garza, who is a mother herself, held him for the entire length of the ride.

"I was holding on to him and I kept talking to him," said Garza. "He kept thinking I'm his mom and trying to nurse from me and I was like, 'Oh, it's okay, and I promise you they're going to feed you when we get there.'"

While in the hospital, doctors and nurses treated Baby Aiden for respiratory distress and low blood sugar. He's now recovered and doing fine, gaining almost four pounds since his birth weight of 7 pounds, 7 ounces. He's now with a foster family.

Police are asking anyone who may know the parents to call them.

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