Owner reunited with old photos found in suitcase

By Phil Archer - Reporter

HOUSTON - It was a family photo mystery.

A couple who bought a suitcase online opened it up and found old pictures inside the piece of luggage.

They were curious, and started asking around to find out if anyone was missing family pictures.

How much is a photograph worth?

"That one's got Rio Grande City. I don't know," Daisy Zara said.

For Zara, it was buried treasure.

Inside the old suitcase she bought online, she discovered hundreds of photographs that she believed to be family pictures.

"Sad that somebody left them behind, yes, absolutely," Zara said.

There were photos of children, classmates, friends and family -- most of them dating from the 1940s and '50s.

She never considered throwing them away.

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"It just broke my heart to see all these memories that don't have a home. That don't have a family," she said.

Zara called KPRC for help in finding who the photos belong to.

There were clues on some of the photos: Dates, school names and, on one, what turned out to be the key to the story.

It was an inscription from Dannie Kellum to his grandmother on a class photo from Rio Grande City dated 1951.

With a little research, we found him.

"It would be good to look at those pictures again," Kellum said.

Dr. Daniel Kellum, 76, is a family physician in San Antonio. To him, the photos are treasures, too.

"Thank you for calling me and thank you for finding me. That is a miracle to get ahold of me," he said.

So, what's a picture worth?

In some cases, it's priceless.

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