Operation Turkey provides 3,000 meals for Houstonians on Thanksgiving

By Cathy Hernandez - Reporter

HOUSTON - More than 1,000 volunteers packed and delivered 3,000 Thanksgiving meals for the homeless in Houston.

“People don’t have food all the time so let’s do something for people who don’t get to eat food all the time,” said 9-year-old volunteer Caitlyn Burks.

“It got started with one man and one meal,” said Will Oldmixon with Operation Turkey.

Operation Turkey migrated to Houston from Austin four years ago, and it has grown tremendously.


“This is possible because these volunteers here. They’re the people. They’re thankful for what they have and they just want to give back,” said Oldmixon. “The kids are decorating the meals. We have an army of volunteers shredding the turkey. Pie! I got pie!”

“I think it’s so important for our family to serve others before we serve ourselves,” said volunteer Erika Waldorf.

“Now, we’re filing cups for cranberry sauce,” said volunteer Shaun Lowery. “For us to even be here and do this right now, we’re truly blessed.”


On Thursday, the volunteers not only prepared the meals at PF Changs, but delivered them to those in need.

While it was a huge event, the need in Houston is even greater. Next year, they hope to deliver 10,000 meals.


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