Officials tranquilize dog after it attacks woman in SE Houston

HOUSTON - Animal Control workers were forced to tranquilize a dog Thursday afternoon it attacked a woman walking down a southeast Houston street.

"They didn't bark at all," Andrea Manuel said of the two dogs that attacked her while she walked to work.  "They just came straight and attacked me."

Manuel said the dogs jumped a fence in front of a home on England Street. She said a neighbor had to fire his gun into the air to get the dogs off her.

The boxer's bite punctured Manuel's right bicep.  She also suffered a scraped elbow from the concrete.  Animal Control officials said the boxer who bit Manuel did have its rabies shots. Neighbors tell KPRC 2 that they're well aware of the home where the dogs reside.

"It's always a place to beware when you're walking down the street concerning those two dogs," said Charles Collins.  "That's why I always carry my walking stick.  I'm just surprised and thankful that a child has not gotten bit by one of those dogs."

Animal Control officials said the same boxer taken into custody Thursday for biting Manuel, was quarantined in December for biting another neighbor.   The dog was later returned to its owner.

Now that the dog has been taken into custody a second time, animal control officers say the dog must now wear a tag issued by the city identifying it as dangerous.

Its owner is also required to install a 6-foot fence behind lock and key.  A $100,000 liability insurance policy must also be purchased on the dog.

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