Officials: Bank robbers open fire on deputy

Dash-cam video captures dramatic moments

RICHMOND, Texas - A man is on trial in Fort Bend County, accused in a deputy's shooting after a chase.

Dashcam video recorded by Deputy Charles Scott's patrol car captured the dramatic moments of the chase and shooting in May 2010.

Scott was trying to pull over a white van that matched the description of one leaving the scene of a Bank of America robbery on Highway 6 near U.S. 59 in Sugar Land. Investigators said the defendant, Larrylon, Williams was behind the wheel. He has been charged with attempted capital murder of a police officer.

Scott said what happened next is anything but routine.

"I attempted to stop the vehicle and, more or less, it came to an abrupt stop and basically ambushed me," said Scott. "Kicked the door open and used and AK-47 to attempt to kill me."

Scott said the man opened the back door and started shooting his automatic weapon.

Investigators said Mouafak Kazzaz was the suspected shooter.

"I was shot in the left arm and the left side of my head. I didn't have time to get out of the car, which I would have preferred to have done," said Scott. "However, it happened so fast, I didn't have a chance to do that."

Scott was bleeding, but managed to fire back at the robbery suspects, who are also accused of hitting more than 30 banks in 2010.

"I got cover under the engine board or dash board and I got unholstered and got my gun over my head and shot back through the window as they were shooting at me," Scott said.

Williams kept driving, but eventually, other deputies stopped it inside a nearby neighborhood, investigators said. But officials said it was far from over.

Another shootout began, and it was all caught on camera. During that shooting, with other deputies, an innocent woman was hit. She survived, but Kazzaz was fatally wounded, investigators said.

Deputies said Williams eventually surrendered.

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