Officer who is also a chaplain dodges bullets in shootout with suspect

By Lauren Scott , Courtney Gilmore - Anchor/Reporter

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas - A man was killed Monday night in shootout with a police officer in Hedwig Village.

It started around 11:30 p.m. when an officer tried to pull the man over for making a bad turn.

The driver refused to stop, leading police on a chase.

Officers say at 9000 Gaylord Drive, the driver stopped to let his passenger out, who then ran away.

The man then took off again and continued driving until he lost control and crashed into some bushes on South Voss Road and Old Coach Lane.

According to police, the driver then got out of the car and seemed as if he was going to surrender. He then suddenly pulled out a pistol and fired multiple rounds at the officer.

"There's always that possibility that you are stopping someone that did some horrendous crime and trying to get away," said Chief David Gott, Hedwig Village Police Department. "He put one hand up in the air like he was going to surrender and the appearance was like ‘OK, I give up,' but at the same time he's reaching back and pulling a gun out of his waistband and then he comes around and started shooting."

The patrol officer was standing behind his door when the suspect began firing. Bullets pierced his door, but luckily, he was not hit.

"It appears as though it was the grace of God, someone was definitely watching over him. I mean, you put the two together and he happens to be a chaplain also on his off-duty time. He does chaplaincy," Chief Gott said. "When something like that happens, you fall back on your training and that's what he did and thank God that his training came through for him."

The officer returned fire, striking the suspect, who later died at the hospital.

The identity of the passenger who hopped out during the chase was not known.

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