Officer narrowly dodges gunfire

HPD: 'Officer basically ambushed'

By Robert Arnold - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - A rookie Houston Police officer came under fire Sunday in northeast Houston.

Police said the officer was responding to a "shots fired" call on Old North Belt near Highway 59 when a 37-year old-man fired three shots from a .380 caliber pistol into the officer's patrol car.

"The officer was basically ambushed," said Houston Police Department spokesman, John Cannon.

Cannon said the officer was searching for a man fitting the description of a person who was seen firing a gun in the alley of a near-by apartment complex. Cannon said as soon as the officer shined his spotlight on two people standing by the side the road, a woman ran off with her hands in the air.

"The officer hasn't even had a chance to put his car in park yet and he is basically ambushed," said Cannon. "The suspect fires multiple shots one striking right in front of the officer's eyes right at the drivers side windshield."

Cannon said the officer immediately jumped out and returned fire, but missed. Cannon said the suspect ran off, tripped, dropped his pistol and was heard yelling, "someone get my gun."

Cannon said the suspect continued fighting with the officer as he tried to arrest him. Cannon said the officer then used a Taser to subdue the man. The suspect was treated at Memorial Hermann Northeast Hospital before being taken to jail.

Charges of attempted capital murder of a peace officer are pending against the man.

Police said the officer involved in the shooting is JJ Garcia. He joined the police department in December of 2011.

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