Off-duty Houston firefighter saves woman pinned under SUV

HOUSTON - A Houston firefighter helped save a woman pinned underneath a car on his day off.

Julio Almazan said he was driving down Main Street near Rice University, when he saw a crowd in the middle of the street and people taking photos. Almazan said when he got closer he noticed a young woman pinned underneath an SUV in the street.

He said a student had been riding her bike when she was hit and dragged 30 feet. Part of the SUV was sitting on her chest and she was screaming "please help me, please help me."

"I was trying to keep her calm, trying to assure her that everything was ok," said Almazan.

Almazan had suffered an injury of his own a month earlier, which meant he was not supposed to be doing any strenuous activities like lifting. But he said he couldn't leave the woman trapped while other bystanders just watched.  So he got a carjack and used it to pry the SUV off the woman.

"My instincts as a firefighter kicked in and helped her out. I started lifting the vehicle off and dragged her from underneath the vehicle," said Almazan.

Soon, Almazan's fellow firefighters arrived on the scene to treat the woman.

Almazan doesn't consider himself a hero. He said he is just a public servant doing the right thing whenever he is needed.

"Part of our duty [is to] help citizens of Houston," said Almazan.

Rice University officials confirmed to Local 2 that Kathleen Glass was the undergraduate student who was hit by the car.

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