Obama mural in Midtown vandalized

Black paint thrown on mural Sunday

HOUSTON - Vandals have once again targeted the mural of President Barack Obama in Midtown.

The mural of the 44th president on a building across from the Breakfast Klub on Travis near West Alabama was vandalized Sunday night.

The 10-foot mural created by Reginald Adams was splattered with paint. The mural was white-washed on Monday morning.

"First I had received a text asking if I had heard. I was like, 'Heard what?' I saw the image that was sent to my phone and was like, 'Oh my God," Adams said.

The mural has been vandalized four times since it was painted in 2008. The last time had been in October.

"How sick there are some people in this world to be bold enough to deface not only the president but someone else's private property," Adams said. "I'm not going to let someone with hate in their heart stop me from expressing myself. I hope we can really find out who's behind it."

The property belongs to Marcus Davis.

"When you say 'again.' it gives a little hope," Davis said. "Again we get the opportunity to do something special, something unique, something creative."

Since the October vandalism, an extra camera has been put up and another has been repositioned in hopes of capturing whoever is defacing the Obama mural. Davis said that when the fifth mural goes up, so too will more security measures.

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