Nude photos of teen prompts Baytown Police investigation

Man under investigation for posting 16-year-old's nude photo

BAYTOWN, Texas - A man accused of posting nude photos of a 16-year-old girl on the internet is now under investigation by Baytown police for potential child pornography charges. 

Due to the age of the girl, Local 2 is not revealing her or her mother's name. The girl said she met the older man through a friend.    

"It started as a friendship," said the girl. "We would just hang out with him and later on we started texting."  

The girl admitted she sent the man a topless photo of herself. 

The girl's mother soon found out about the relationship and made her daughter end it. But the 16-year-old says when she told the man, he threatened to kill her family and sent her one last text message saying he was posting the nude photo on Instagram.

The victim was shocked when she actually found it there and on other social networking sites like Twitter.

"I was really hurt," said the victim. "I was angry and I was embarrassed. I was crying to him, begging him to take the pictures off."

The girl's mother said she found out about the nude photos when other family members called her after seeing them online. 

"My heart just fell because she's my child," said the victim's mother. "It's very degrading. She's 16. This is an older guy. He should have more respect for himself and her."

Detectives said they won't name the man while their child crime unit continues to investigate. Officers said the man could face felony charges for promotion of child pornography.

The girl said she hopes others learn from her mistake. 

"Think before you do things," said the 16-year-old. "Don't send pictures. I don't want anybody to go through what I went through with him."

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