No reported problems so far over new voter ID law

The first day of early voting in Harris County on Monday set a new record

HOUSTON - Early voting in the 2013 election is underway, and this time around, voters must bring their IDs.

Linda Britten, a concerned voter, says she's worried some election judges are taking the new voter ID law too far.

"That's going to deter some people. I believe that's harassment,"said Britten.

Britten said in Kashmere Gardens some voters were being asked multiple times to prove their address was correct, even though they showed multiple forms of ID.

"If you have a paper ID you got the official ID and its got the address on it, why are they asking again for it," said Britten.

Stan Stanart, Harris County Clerk, said despite that concern, the first day of early voting in Harris County on Monday, set a new record.

"They shouldn't be doing that. The training tells them that's not a required thing, but they do ask them if they moved so they can get their voter registration updated," Stanart said.

According to Stanart, the new voter law did not keep people away from polls as some critics predicted.

"I didn't hear one complaint. I talked to the Harris County Attorney's Office today. They had zero complaints on voter ID. So a great day for the voters of Harris County," said Stanart.

Stanart believes that a massive public awareness campaign helped people get informed and get the proper ID, if necessary, before the start of early voting.

Approved voter ID includes; a Texas driver's license, election identification card, a US military ID, a citizenship certificate, passport or a concealed handgun license.

David Douglas, a voter, said he had no problem casting his ballot and believes the state's new voter ID law protects the election process.

"I had my voter registration card and they asked for a picture as well," said Douglas. "I think we should have that. I think we should be required to prove that we are who we say we are when we show up to vote."

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