No power, AC at northwest Houston apartment complex

Tara Energy says Amberwood Apartments behind on payments

By Ryan Korsgard - Reporter

HOUSTON - Residents at the Amberwood Apartments on Johanna in northwest Houston are exasperated after their power, including their air conditioning, hasn't been functioning since Tuesday.

Tara Energy said it ordered the power to be turned off after the property went into foreclosure. The electric company said it had been working with the owner who it said was behind on payments.

"I came home for lunch from work and I was watching TV, getting ready to go back to work and the power went off," resident Melinda Dillard said.

Residents said the heat meant they could not keep their food cool or stay in their own homes.

"I have two little ones and since yesterday we've just been outside asking everybody to get some water, ice," another resident said. "My little one's autistic. He needs to be, he takes medication. He can't be in the heat too long."

Residents said they pay about $700 a month for all bills. They were so desperate for help that they even called the police for help. An officer said there was nothing he could do about the unpaid electric bill. However, the officer will ask the city to open an investigation into the conditions he saw at the complex.

Tara Energy encouraged residents to call and set up individual accounts in order to get the power turned back on. Residents can reach Tara Energy at 866-438-8272. A spokesperson said residents should explain that they live at Amberwood Apartments.

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