Nimitz High School teacher accused of improper relationships with students

Allegations made against teacher in June, officials say

By Aaron Barker - Senior Digital Editor

HOUSTON - A Nimitz High School choir teacher accused of having sexual relationships with two students, including a 14-year-old girl, was in court Thursday.

Chance Gillett, 31, turned himself in on Wednesday and was out on bond.

Court documents reveal one girl, “...admitted to having sex with him more times than she could count" during their year-long relationship.

The other was a 14-year-old girl who said she meet him as a 5th grader and it first got physical during a family trip to Louisiana with his wife and child.

Court documents read, "She explained that they were both drinking and ended up inside of a barn and that's when the defendant started touching her."

Police said the girl also told them, "They had sexual contact several other times, including his office at Nimitz High School."

A second student came forward to tell police she had more than a year-long sexual relationship with Gillette that continued after she went to college.

Police wrote, "She stated that the year and a half that they 'dated' he told her he was going to divorce his wife and that he loved her. She stated she ended the relationship in May 2016 after she learned that his wife had his second child."

“We got notice of this yesterday afternoon so we basically waited around for several hours to find out what was going on and it wasn't until yesterday evening that the warrants even went active. so we've kinda been dealing with that for the past 10 hours,” said defense attorney Matt Horak.

VIDEO: Gilletts attorney speaks after his court appearance


Gillett's next court appearance is in November.

Gillette has been with the Aldine Independent School District for eight years, the last two were at Nimitz High School.

An Aldine ISD spokesperson said Gillett is on administrative leave.

A statement from Aldine ISD regarding the incident reads:

"Aldine ISD is aware that charges have been filed against a Nimitz High School teacher involved in inappropriate behavior with a female student. The district's police department investigated an allegation made after school ended in June, then filed charges through the Harris County District Attorney's Office. When the allegation was made, the teacher was immediately placed on leave, and has not returned. Ethical behavior involving students was a focus during our annual ethics training at the start of this school year.  Aldine ISD will not tolerate any employee who does not act in the best interest of our students."

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