Newtown church evacuated after death threat

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NEWTOWN, Connecticut - Connecticut state police are trying to find whoever is responsible for calling in a death threat that forced an evacuation at a Newtown church.

The threat came as more than a half-dozen families of the victims in Friday's deadly school shooting were worshiping.

Several hundred church members filed out as SWAT officers searched the building. Officials said nothing was found, but now they want to find the person responsible for the scare.

"It's a terrible thing," said Brian Wallace, Diocese of Bridgeport church. "More distress on top of a very difficult week for people and more difficulty ahead."

Wallace said they have several funerals for the victims planned at the parish.

"There will be eight funerals out of this parish this week," said Wallace. "Eight young children who lost their lives. There's a great deal of mending and healing to be done."

Connecticut police said some people were using social media in a threatening way as well, posting false information and posing as the school shooter. Investigators said they're taking that very seriously.

"Prosecution will take place when people perpetrating this information are identified," said Lieutenant J. Paul Vance with the Connecticut State Police Department.

The threats came as the community continues to mourn for the victims of Friday's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school. Twenty children, ages 6 and 7, including six adults were gunned down. The suspected shooter, Adam Lanza, died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound, officials said.

Sunday morning, churches in Newtown were packed as worshippers sought solace from the tragedy.

After church, the streets near the school were filled with people who came to light a candle, leave a toy and say a prayer for the victims.

"The reality is, many of us woke up yesterday and were thankful to have our children with us," said Debora Accomando, a Newtown resident.

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