Newsmakers Extra: Slocum Texas Massacre: Killers of African-Americans go unpunished

By Khambrel Marshall - Meteorologist, 'Newsmakers' Host

HOUSTON - It was shortly after the turn of the 20th century when rumors began to spread in the East Texas community of Slocum about 15 miles southeast of Palestine.

Blacks in the community were plotting an uprising of some sort they heard, and it had to be stopped.

There was no such plot, but the rumors were enough to incite large groups of white men. They hunted down and shot African-Americans wherever they could find them.

Eleven bodies were found, but as many as 100 or more may have actually been killed.

Seven white men were eventually charged on first-degree murder charges for killing five African-American men.

Harris County District Clerk Chris Daniel highlighted one story of significance a year during Black History Month. He said this case is an example of black history long forgotten that needs to be remembered. 

As far as justice for those charged? 

“Because there was such contention between that sitting judge, the prosecutor and the surrounding County sheriffs,” Daniels said. “The case was moved to Harris County.”

Moving the case to Harris County did not mean there would be justice. Far from it. Find out what happened in this week’s Houston Newsmakers Extra.

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