Newlyweds' dog, car stolen at drugstore

Wife, 85, developed staph infection before brother-in-law's funeral

HOUSTON - Two newlyweds are coping with an unexpected heartbreak after traveling from Florida to Texas for a funeral.

Soon after the couple married, 92-year-old Tom Barthlow and his new wife, 85-year-old Geraldine, drove to Houston to attend his brother Harry's funeral.

The couple wanted to remember Harry for the go-getter he was. At 91, Harry worked at a Houston-area Walmart right up to the very end of his life.

Right before the memorial, Geraldine developed a staph infection.

"I didn't get to go to the funeral that I came here to go to," she said. "They let me out of the hospital that day, but the doctor warned me that I had to get these antibiotics and get them in me."

The couple went straight to a CVS drugstore off Ella and FM 1960. Tom went in to pick up the medication. At first, Geraldine stayed in the car with their dog Honey. But soon she followed her husband inside the store to remind him to grab a few extra items.

In that time, a thief stole the couple's car with their dog still inside.

Tom and Geraldine said they know they won't get to see Harry again on Earth, but they are still hoping they'll be reunited with honey soon.

"A beautiful little dog that we are in love with," said Tom.

"They can have the car if they'll give me my baby back," said Geraldine.

The Barthlows say they plan to stay in Houston for now as they continue to search for their dog.

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