New lunch plan leads to multiple fights at South Houston HS, student says

SOUTH HOUSTON, Texas - A big brawl at Pasadena Independent School District's South Houston High School is the result of a new plan instituted this week that puts most of the school's students in the cafeteria at the same time to eat lunch, according to one student.

"They're trying out this new thing where everybody has lunch at the same time," Heriberto Morales, a sophomore, said.

Morales and several others caught the fight, which spilled outside, on camera.

The video appears to show that most of the people fighting are female students.

It does not appear that anybody was seriously injured in the fight.

Pasadena ISD released the following statement regarding the melee:

"The safety of our students is our top priority. In keeping the lines of communication open, this afternoon during class change at South Houston High School multiple students were involved in an altercation resulting in at least four separate incidents which led to twelve students being detained for questioning. On duty campus Pasadena ISD police were immediately called to the scene and other Pasadena ISD Police Officers were dispatched to the campus to ensure student and staff safety. As an extra precaution, the 5th period bell was delayed to hold students in class while the situation was resolved. Classes did resume later in the school day. This situation is still under investigation. Pasadena ISD takes this situation very seriously and the safety of all students is of the utmost importance."

It was unclear Friday if the district would continue to institute the school-wide lunch period plan.

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