New Liposuction techniques shorten recovery time

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Houston Liposuction Center

HOUSTON - Recent advances in technology have made today's liposuction easier and safer than liposuction of the past.

Over the past several years advances have been made in anesthesia methods and surgical instruments used during liposuction surgery.  Because of these advances, liposuction can now be done using only local anesthetic, eliminating the risks of general anesthesia and the side effects of heavy IV sedation.

Also, new lasers, such as the Smartlipo laser, are now available that help the surgeon to literally melt the fat prior to the suctioning process.  This allows the surgeon to use smaller instruments (cannulas) to suction the fat from the patient's body.  Smaller instruments used during the surgery result in less trauma and make for an easier recovery.

Houston cosmetic surgeon, Dr. John Bergeron, reports on the benefits of the newer liposuction techniques.

"The great thing about laser assisted liposuction is that we can remove just as much fat as the older techniques without the painful and prolonged recovery.  Most of my patients can return to work in 48 hours or less," said Bergeron.

The lasers also have an added benefit of skin tightening.  Laser assisted liposuction is now an option for women who may have previously required a tummy tuck.

Patients will need to be evaluated by a physician to see if they are a good candidate for this procedure.

"Only a physical exam by a qualified surgeon can determine whether a patient is a better candidate for Smartlipo verses an alternative procedure like a tummy tuck," said Bergeron

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