New iPhone Receives Mixed Reviews

Apple Announces Voice Recognition Software, Faster Processor

HOUSTON - Apple's much anticipated announcement regarding its new iPhone received mixed reviews.

The company unveiled its iPhone 4S Tuesday.

"They announced a new hardware and new software features. I think some people were expecting a new device and this is more of a redesign of the old device," said John Paul Hull, the chief executive officer of Razor IT Solutions.

While it may not be the new phone customers were waiting for, Hull said it's still a big improvement.

"It has a faster processor and faster download speeds. On the software side, their big announcement was their Siri, which is your personal assistant. You can ask it questions and it will complete those tasks," said Hull.

Among the other big changes is the camera.

"The colors are brighter, you can print out images at a higher resolution," added Hull. "Basically, the camera is a better camera."

But there was mixed reaction to the news from Apple customers at Memorial City Mall.

Shopper Cynthia Pearl said she can't wait to see the new phone and plans on investing in it, but shopper Deborah Saunders said it's more than she wants to pay.

"I'm waiting because I'm probably gonna buy the one that's not the fastest or the greatest because there will be some discount on that one," said Saunders.

Shopper Kenall Morrow said he used to have an iPhone but has traded it in for another smartphone. He isn't buying the hype for the 4S.

"There are some good things about it but it's not the best out there," he said.

Hull said while Apple stocks saw a decrease after high expectations, there's still good news for Apple and its customers.

"They are releasing it in more countries with more carriers and with a better device," he said.

Apple also announced two new iPods, but there was no news of a new iPad or Mac. The new iPhones, which will now be carried by Sprint as well as AT&T and Verison, will be in stores on Oct. 14th.

Pre-orders begin Oct. 7.

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