New evidence found in suspected serial child sex predator case

By Jace Larson - Investigative Reporter

HOUSTON - The FBI confirms to Local 2 that it is in the process of recovering possible new evidence in the investigation of an international school teacher thought to have molested more than 90 young men since the 1970s.

A laptop computer hard drive, supposedly belonging to William James Vahey, was allegedly found in trash in Nicaragua and given to the Spanish-language network Univision.

The hard drive currently is in the custody of the United States Embassy in Nicaragua, Houston FBI Spokesperson Shauna Dunlap told Local 2 investigative reporter Jace Larson on Friday.

Vahey, of South Carolina, killed himself in March after learning the FBI was investigating him. The FBI told Local 2 it is working to identify victims who may not know they were molested because Vahey may have given his victims sleeping pills.

Univision showed still pictures that it said came from Vahey's computer. The pictures showed Vahey with underage boys and appeared to have been taken on various overnight and out of country field trips. In one of the images, a group of boys is posing with their shirts off.

Vahey, 64, has taught in Managua, Nicaragua; London, England,; Caracas, Venezuela; Jakarta, Indonesia; Dhahran, Saudi Arabia; Athens, Greece; Ahwaz and Tehran, Iran; Madrid, Spain, and Beirut, Lebanon.

Saudi Aramco has a division located in the Houston area and Dunlap says children from Texas may have attended that school while their parents worked in Saudi Arabia.

Vahey is not from Houston, but Dunlap says it is possible he had contacts with children of Houston-area families while they lived overseas.

Local 2 Investigative reporter Jace Larson broke news of the investigation Tuesday.

Several people have since come forward to Local 2 also saying they were molested by Vahey at various schools around the world.

The Houston FBI was called in to investigate images that FBI agents think show Vahey molesting 90 boys since 2008. Agents think he could have been molesting children since the 1970s when he was convicted of child molestation in California.

Click here to see a timeline of where and when Vahey taught abroad.

If you have information about the ongoing investigation regarding William James Vahey, or believe you may have been victimized by him, the FBI asks that you complete a confidential questionnaire or submit a confidential email. You can also contact your local FBI office or the nearest American Embassy or Consulate.

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