New developments in case of dog found burned and killed in storm drain

A man was questioned in the case and released

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HOUSTON - We have new details in a horrific story in which a dog was found tortured and burned that we brought you first on Saturday night.

Only Local 2 cameras were there Monday when deputies handcuffed a man they questioned and later released.

Charles Adams knows the man Harris County arson investigators handcuffed Monday afternoon in connection to the case of a dog found burned and tossed in a storm drain.

"We seem him walk that dog every day, every day. It's really weird to hear something like that when you know it was his dog; you see him walk the dog every day," Adams said.

Local 2 was there when the man was put into the back of an unmarked car to be taken away for questioning. On Saturday, investigators say video surveillance showed a man pulling up to a storm drain at the intersection of Ella Crossing and Burnell Oaks Lane in northwest Harris County.

Seconds later, smoke started billowing from the drain. Evangelina Cisneros' security camera recorded the suspect. She lives across the street and can't understand why anyone would do such a terrible thing to something so helpless like a dog.

"We have three dogs and we spend a lot of money on our dogs. All he had to do was just let them loose or go drop him off somewhere. That's all he had to do," said Cisneros.

The drain where the dog's burned remains were found is only two blocks from where the man lives.

"He really stayed to himself. He's the quiet type," said Adams. "He wasn't normal, he wasn't normal at all."

The man was later released. No arrests have been made in the case.

Investigators are awaiting an autopsy of the dog, and they will continue to review surveillance video and question witnesses.

Investigators are still asking for your help. If you know anything about this case, you're asked to call the Harris County Fire Marshal's Office.

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