New details in Acres Homes rape cases from 1990's

By Andy Cerota - Anchor/Reporter

HOUSTON - New evidence from a rape case in Acres Homes 18 years ago has Houston police one step closer to catching a killer who they say raped multiple women.

"They were out there in the street, living dangerously," said Houston police Sgt. M. Peters.

Vicki Lane and Tammie Bouldin never knew one another, but according to homicide cold case detectives, these two women were beaten and raped by the same man.

"They weren't just punched once. They were pummeled," Peters said.

Lane was raped and killed in 1993. Construction crews discovered her body on a job site near the 7100 block of West Sam Houston Parkway. Her killer was never brought to justice.

Bouldin was beaten and raped three years later in 1996 in Acres Homes. Her attacker was never caught.

Twenty years later, police said they are convinced that the man who raped Bouldin is the same man who raped and killed Lane, thanks to a DNA match.

"She was part of our backlog," Sgt. Peters said.

Police said evidence from Bouldin's case was not processed right away because she would not cooperate with police so the rape kit sat in the property room, untested for years.

After the match was made, they discovered Bouldin told investigators the night of the beating she knew her attacker.

"What we know about this guy, his name is William and he went to middle school with her up in Acres Homes, so we have a suspect," Sgt. Peters said.

Not just a first name, but a vague description of what he looked like some 18 years ago. They believe William is now in his mid 40s and may still be on the streets.

"He still could be somewhere in Houston, probably up in Acres Homes. Hopefully someone out there, this will ring a bell and they'll give me a call and we can do some good," Peters said.

If you have any information about this case, call the Houston Police Department's Homicide Division at 713-308-3600.

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