New balding treatment coming to Houston

By Haley Hernandez - Health Reporter

HOUSTON - Help is on the way for people struggling with baldness. A new procedure promises to help restore hair in three to four months, and that procedure will soon be available in Houston.

A trichologist, someone who specializes in the hair and scalp, from Dallas, is opening a Houston clinic called Elite Emage.

It's a simple procedure shown to reverse balding, and it takes an hour or less to get to the root of the problem.

Jacqueline Hall said her thick hair started thinning in the past five years so she's seeking treatment for it now.

"Just a little more hair on top, I'd like to see more hair there, and I'm hoping this procedure will do just that," Hall said.

The trichologist, Rodney Barnett, says stress, chemotherapy and illnesses drive several patients into his office every month for this treatment, and he says most of them are women.

"Some procedures take three to four years before you see results. Normally within three to four months, the person sees visible results, and they're very very happy with it, so that's why we say this is the most promising results in hair restoration," Barnett said.

Here's how it works: Someone in Barnett's office draws blood from the patient. That blood is harvested in a machine, separating the plasma.

"Because that's what actually has growth factors in it and starts the hair restoration process," Barnett said.

The scalp is numbed and plasma is re-injected that into the scalp. Barnett says it takes around 45 minutes to an hour.

"And then they're free to return to work or resume whatever normal activities," Barnett said. "The only thing they can't do right away is shampoo their hair."

Anyone they find to have lively, follicle activity, even in people like Hall, who blames medication and genetics for hair loss, has hope of regaining growth.

"It would mean when I try combing my hair and looking in the mirror, I wouldn't see my scalp," Hall said smiling.

This procedure, combined with the follow-up visits, totals about $3,000.

The local clinic is opening in Stafford at the end of April.

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